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Red Chilli SEO Bolton

are experienced in running effective and responsive ongoing SEO campaigns that have seen new business grow from having no web visibility to leading the rankings for national competitive keywords.

We have a dedicated in-house SEO Manager, with several years dedicated experience running SEO campaigns for multi-million pound brands. We offer you all the specialty knowledge and skills required to ensure you achieve front page rankings.

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SEO Development

The websites that come up on the first page – the ones that 98% of people visit – have usually been optimised for search engines. It means they have been created and developed in a way that allows the search engines to crawl and index them with ease, and they present all the content in a smart and accessible form.

Optimising your website in this way – to make sure potential customers find you and not your rivals – is a specific skill. And it’s a specific skill we pull off with aplomb.

What makes our SEO development really effective is that we get involved with your website nice and early. We can lay the foundations of a fully optimised website that will go on to dominate the search results.

Being there at the start also makes it more straightforward – and more efficient - to produce results once the site is live. It pays to consult our expertise at the planning stage so we can ensure all SEO elements are in place from the off.

Red Chilli SEO are available as consultants to work with your in-house Design team, alternatively, our own Development team can design and develop your website in full, ensuring search engine optimization is at the forefront of the project.

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