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Red Chilli SEO Bolton

are experienced in running effective and responsive ongoing SEO campaigns that have seen new business grow from having no web visibility to leading the rankings for national competitive keywords.

We have a dedicated in-house SEO Manager, with several years dedicated experience running SEO campaigns for multi-million pound brands. We offer you all the specialty knowledge and skills required to ensure you achieve front page rankings.

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SEO Recovery

Until, that is, one of its algorithmic updates jumps all over your best-laid SEO plans and sends your website tumbling down the rankings to where, let’s be honest, no-one will find you.

Google makes up to 400 changes to its system each year, so this problem is not uncommon.

SEO recovery is a bespoke service we offer businesses that have seen their website hit by one of by these algorithmic changes or manual penalisations. We work to analyse which part of your website or link profile has been the cause of the drop in rankings, and we put together a tailored action plan to get your SEO back on track.

You can be secure in the knowledge that our experts won’t be caught out by such updates – we make sure we stay on top of all developments in the SEO world. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with all of the latest news from the search engines, so when a change does happen we know why, how to prepare for it - and how to recover from it.

We don’t rest on our laurels. We travel the country attending seminars, conferences and networking events to ensure we are at the cutting edge of SEO – and it’s this commitment to being experts in the field that gives us the edge over our competitors.

Despite being a relatively new area of business, our dedicated in-house SEO manager has more than five years’ experience running SEO campaigns for some of the major brands in UK retail and entertainment.

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